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Posted in espacio público, evento, performance by black maria on 12/07/2009

image001THE PERFORMANCES is a series of events that are taking place at a storefront in the neighborhood of Tiergarten throughout July 2009.

THE OFFICE has invited artists who are currently living in Berlin or passing through the city to present new or already existing projects sharing a focus on sound/music and language. Every evening has a different format; the site is used differently on each occasion. It becomes a stage, a venue for a lecture, a music hall or a playground.

Based in Berlin, THE OFFICE temporarily occupies empty spaces throughout the city. The goal is to re-discover Berlin, to channel and transmit information, and provide space for discursive thinking around the arts. THE OFFICE is a collaboration between Ellen Blumenstein, Katharina Fichtner, Maribel Lopez and Kathrin Meyer. Founded in May 2009, THE OFFICE explores different models of cooperation between curators, writers and artists outside of the institutional context.

JULY 2009
at Lübecker Str. 14, 10559 Berlin-Tiergarten
7 p.m.

Tuesday, July 7           Darri Lorenzen

Friday, July 10             Romana Schmalisch

Sunday, July 12           Angie Reed

Friday, July 17             LOA  (Anke Dyes, Andrea Legiehn, Inka Meißner und Friends – Frankfurt + Leipzig)

Sunday, July 19           Miquel Noguera & Black Tulip

Monday, July 20           Interesting Productions (Bo Christian Larsson, Murena, Tobias Yves Zintel, special guest: Håkan Larsson)

Tuesday, July 21          Jeremy Shaw

Saturday, July 25         Matt Keegan & Dane Mitchell

Sunday, July 26           Alexander Hempel & Hans-Christian Lotz

Tuesday, July 28          Kerstin Cmelka & Daniel Müller-Friedrichsen

Friday, July 31            Hans Berg



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