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The Close Talker and The Newcomers

Posted in evento, performance, teatro by black maria on 15/07/2009

A theatre play by Rubén Grilo, performed by Susie Meyer
Thursday 16th July 2009 – 20:00 h.
Ballhaus Ost – Pappelallee 15 – 10437 Berlin


Iwas once told the following story: Two guys who studied together decided to join a survey firm and thus earn some small money. Both of them were friendly enough, neither too ugly nor too handsome, neither too tall nor too short. The two of them worked on the same streets, one week at a time. Both of them left their personal chores to attend the same exams and, at the end, they came up with more or less the same amount of completed surveys. After some weeks, though, one of them was astonished to discover he had earned a lot less money than the other. He called the firm to ask for an explanation. They told him that for a survey to be considered successfully completed, the person surveyed had to confirm the results by phone —and that most of the people had turned down the confirmation call. He met his friend and told him about it, but neither one nor the other was able to find any substantial reason for it. After talking for a while, they both said goodbye to each other. Just before leaving, his friend touched his arm, lightly, with his hand.

An actress invites the public to come in to an exhibition set up on the stage of the Ballhaus Ost. For a little less than an hour, she’ll talk about objects and images unrelated to each other except for the fact that they appear in her narration. A secret performance carried off some days before on the streets of Berlin; the agreement of an actor to perform a given role for his whole life; the story of the mistaken reading of a work by Dan Graham; the myths that surround interpersonal distance; punk culture and many other topics will rest on one basic assumption: that a gentle touch on the arm absurdly and marvellously drove people to accept the confirmation call.

The Close Talker And The Newcomers refers to a bigger project that Rubén Grilo is working on since 2007 revolving around Ev, a fictional character conceived from the beginning as a consequence of the personal and professional relation that the Spanish actor Sergi Torrecilla and himself have established for the duration of their lives. This relation grows from different experiences organized throughout chapters in the form of performances, videos, photographs and texts. This performance is part of Chapter number two.

Produced by
Maribel López Gallery, Berlin



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